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    Site Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty Site Rules [PLEASE READ]

    Post by RecklessBeauty on Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:57 am

    • We are a friendly supportive community. There is no tolerance of disrespect or meanness in these forums. Please accept the fact that people will always have differing opinions. Feel free to show the fact you disagree but do not do it in an offensive manner. If you feel you have been bullied or treated harshly please don't hesitate to message me on my profile and inform me of the situation.

    • NO TIPS. This is an important one. There will be no tips on unhealthy eating habits. There is a fine line between advice and tips, so be very careful on what you say or your post could end up deleted. NOTE: We do not want to be a pro-ED website, nor do we want people coming here in the hope they will have a how to guide on how to lose weight fast.

    • We don't tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, or any similar behaviour. All members found expressing such things in our forum will be suspended and possibly banned.

    • Anything particuarly explicit such as graphic images or sexually explicit content must be tagged in the post name: eg "[Note: Graphic Images]". Some people may be offended by such things.

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